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Make your own colloidal silver solution at home for only 179€ incl. tax, plus shipping.

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The tool for making colloidal silver.

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What is

colloidal silver?

The antibacterial effect of silver has been known to humanity for millennia. Forgotten in the meantime and become meaningless after the discovery of the antibiotic, colloidal silver - a dispersion of silver ions and water - is once again becoming the focus of health-conscious people.

Colloidal silver dispersion can be produced by an electrolytic process in which silver molecules are dissolved in distilled water. Colloidal silver is considered a healthy alternative to antibiotics by experienced naturopaths and alternative medicine.

This is how it works!

Fill distilled water into a glass vessel. Select the desired ppm concentration and water quantity and place the device on the vessel. Press the start button and relax. After the electrolysis has finished, the device automatically switches to sleep.


The goSilver is next to the Colloidmaster the only device with TRUEppm technology. The device dynamically calculates the individual duration of the production, depending on the conductance of the water and the actual flowing current.


TRUEppm Technology

Measuring the electricity every second allows for exact ppm concentration always

Up to 8

times faster

2 times faster than other

devices, even 8 times faster with the goSilver Plus

Polarity Reversal

No need to wipe the electrodes during the electrolysis

Easy Handling

Intuitively to understand

Self-explaining Design

16 Predefined Programs

25, 50, 100 und 200ppm 

250, 400, 600 und 1.000ml




Device shuts down after reaching the desired ppm concentration

For more fnformation download detailed product exposé (german)

goSilver Plus

249,- € incl. tax

Can run 4 pairs of Electrodes

up to 8 times quicker duration of electrolysis

Suitable for professional use

goSilver Basic16

199,- € incl. tax


The complex electronics control all processes

Constant current source

Software interface for possible individual programming

Beeper indicating

finished electrolysis

Start Button

ppm Select Button

Polarity reversal diode

microprocessor for

navigating processes

Selector switch to select

amount of water


Book recommendation

'Kolloidales Silber – Der Schlüssel zu neuer Lebensenergie – für Mensch & Tier' (In german) by Sara Leuchtenberg

Available at amazon as E-Book

The Team

We are a team of electronics engineers, software developers, communication designers and natural scientists holding a PhD.


The basis of all our innovations is longstanding experience in the development of electronic devices and profound know-how of integrated circuits, acquired in the USA.


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+49 170 500 64 03


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